Applications and Publications

Examples of a few recent projects that have used data from the CU EMP Lab

Analysis of pyroxenes, spinels, and plagioclase (maskelynite) in HED Suite Meteorites from asteriod 4-Vesta (Andrea Distel, M.S. Thesis, Colorado School of Mines)

Trace element analysis if Al (<150 ppm) in olivine – olivine-spinel geothermometry (Aaron Bell Goldschmidt Conference Abstract 2020)

Analysis of F, Cl and major element systematics in biotite and amphibole from lower crustal xenoliths and F-enriched granitiods (Josh Rosera, Ph.D. Thesis, University of North Carolina)

Experimental Petrology: Analysis of basaltic glasses, clinopyroxne, and olivine from 1- bar gas mixing experiments (Bell et al. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2020 in press)

Experimental Petrology: Analysis of synthetic ferromagnesian jeffbenite generated at 15 GPa in multi anvil experiments (Smyth et al. – in review at American Mineralogist)

Analysis of Al-Fe-V-Si alloys (Joseph Jankowski, Ph.D. Thesis, Colorado School of Mines)

Analysis of chemically zoned schorl-dravite series tourmalines- tourmaline geothermometry study of the Picuris Range, NM (undergraduate thesis Colorado College)

U-Th-Pb Monazite Geochronology on a suite of metapelites from Big Thompson Canyon, CO, USA (Miranda Lehman, M.S. Thesis, Colorado School of Mines)

X-ray Mapping of C, P, Na, and Ca distribution in fossilized fish scales present in coprolites from Las Hoyas, Spain (Sandra Barrios and Karen Chin-Barrios et al. 2020)

Analysis of Garnet, clinopyroxene, scapolite, and epidote from Calumet Skarn, CO, USA