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The daily operation of the laboratory is overseen by Dr. Aaron Bell since June 2018. Professor Kevin Mahan serves as the faculty director for the laboratory. If you have any questions about the lab, or would simply like to chat about EPMA or petrology please get in touch with us!

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A bit about the Lab Manager (in his own words):

I am an experimental petrologist by training (and trade) with an interest in applying microanalytical techniques to the characterization of geological materials. Prior to arriving at CU, I spent four years as Sr. Research Scientist in the Institute of Meteoritics – Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of New Mexico. My research focuses on investigating the redox systematics of multi-valent elements (i.e., V, Cr, Fe, and S) in silicate liquids and their partitioning behavior in silicate liquid-mineral systems. This work combines synchrotron micro XANES (x-ray near edge absorption structure) spectroscopy at the Advanced Photon Source, electron microprobe analysis at CU, experimental petrology, and thermodynamic modeling.

I am the currently the lead PI on two a active research projects funded by NSF and NASA. For more about my research please visit my research page (coming soon).